Trucks advice. Mountain Board trucks vs RKP ? With 6x2 or 8x2 pneumatics

I am gathering parts from my next board and am unable to decide what trucks I should choose. I mostly ride on city roads(10% rough roads).

I have been riding 83mm clones with caliber trucks for last 2 years. It was fun but vibration killed it when going on rough patches and gaps on bridges. Upgraded to MBS 100mm wheels and wow! That made a lot of difference. For my next build I am definitely going for pneumatics. either 6x2 or 8x2(from diye).

What should I expect when changing to mountain board trucks, in terms of handling and stability? Is it equally enjoyable for carving?

They handle differently because of the spring suspension. It’s not a must to go with channel/spring type trucks when going with pneumatics though especially since you said you’re mostly on city roads. go with @psychotiller six shooters so you don’t need to worry about your wheels anymore cause those are really durable. If you look up the forum other will likely say the same :smile: