Trusted Sellers and Builders - these people will NOT rip you off - discussion thread

except without Excel or other vendorlock


You know you can use the whole office for free on the internet right?

You know it’s always free to use ODS files anywhere you want, even in Excel or online or on fruity computers too

what i found was anything linked to outside this board gets much less engagement and eventually gets stranded. being linked to usernames so people can jump from post to profiles, etc, just works better.

granted it’s less organized.


Plus if you stay on this forum, tech companies aren’t fighting proxy wars using our data needs as an attack vector for people who don’t buy their brand of hardware.

May I suggest putting Country/Region Abbrevations next to vendors? Just so it makes it easier to find that reputable guy in your area and not be heart broken when their services are EU only :cry:


some feel votes are being manipulated, as in someone’s flippantly down voting vendors.

we will find out who is it so before that happens, please fix whatever you’ve done.


This is about not being ripped off right? This considered, I think the downvotes for Enertion are pretty unfair because its not like theyre gonna screw you over. They just suffer from bad planning and not giving a shit about logistics for too long.

I would like to take a downvote as I have paid and not received what I ordered. Not late but never.

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Rip off in Ireland has a different meaning like someone selling something overpriced or in some cases lowballing.

@Mattmccrary8 :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve down-voted a few (Well actually one) cause my personal belief of selling a product that’s known to fail in certain conditions in which they know it’s going to be used.

And pricing can also be considered a ripoff. As well as CS


Your gonna need to defend that, no one knows what your talking about but my ‘feeling’ is that you are calling your opinion a fact, and that’s probably not OK. Also, price cannot be a rip off, if its too expensive dont fuckin buy it. That’s called capitalism.


I’m gonna start a poll to see how many people that are getting petty revenge for their own mistakes wanna kiss my ass :slight_smile:

I swear to god, I will never understand how when someone has a good idea (@thisguyhere and his vendor wiki) there’s always so many people that wanna fuck it up.


I think Using Poll to get feedback, is really not the best idea. I think most of the people out there are just going to answer it using personal feeling since they don’t need to back out their thought or provide any explanation on why they got good or bad services.

Also, these guys are all active member of this community, and I think these poll are just throwing everyone into a fire pit.

I for my part, and I know I gonna be dislike for this, but I found these more insulting than usefull.

Especially because the list is only about well known vendor.


There should exist some sort of scale for rating. Above 90%- no worries, Safe Between 75%-90% - expect minor problems, Safe but proceed with caution between 65%-75%- questionable Under 65%- Not safe.

Just an example


This whole poll, no matter what way you slice it, is opinionated. Everyone who voted thumbs up or thumbs down, did so based on their subjective experiences and opinions. I can try to defend my opinion, but others can also argue the opposite. In the end that poll inst going to be any more factual than my own opinion. Just a general consensus rooted in a general opinion.

And I may even be wrong, I can accept that and change my views accordingly, but as far as I’ve seen that vendor has that one product that they know fails, and it’s fairly easy to see which one i voted down and associate why I did so. My previous comment about it got deleted so It may have been border-lining on vendor shaming.

And That’s where you and I disagree. Prices can be rip off’s and just because you have the ability to go somewhere else doesn’t mean it’s not a rip off. The fact that you have to look somewhere else for another vendor capable of selling it for far less with far fewer resources than you means that the price, as the expression goes, is a rip off. But that leads to another problem:

Everyone has their own definitions of what is and isn’t a rip off.

Edit: Oh boy my ass is about to get shredded.

I would suggest that down voting any vendor that you didn’t actually buy from is an abuse. The thing is, I expect people to move past emotions and think using logic and even analytics on occasion. There is far too many people on this planet that think because you feel something, it must mean something.


there are no doubt legitimate downvotes, that’s not the concern.

the pattern i’ve seen (and others pointed out) is that there were immediate downvotes for newly listed polls by a single person. so it seems this person is just downvoting any poll that becomes available despite having had any real dealings with the person.


I think there should be guidelines for Voting. Here are some Ideas

1.have you received your Order, If not did you get a refund without Filing a Paypal dispute?

  1. Did your Item arrive very late due to the seller’s dispatch time?

Persnaly I was Tempted to Vote up the super Lidgit people but I was like Hey I never bought anything from them.

i agree, it’s just something had to be done about scammers. the system is not fool proof, not even close. but it’s something.


going forward all new polls will be public and if the seller has any disputes, the voter will have to prove their interaction.


Hence my remark.

I’m gonna suggest you get the wiki deleted, with all the adderall fueled triggered twits out there that cant separate their desires from their decision making process have essentially fucked it up beyond repair.

I simply cannot believe that @psychotiller, @longhairedboy or @JohnnyMeduse screwed any body over. I might not leave them alone with my beer, but I’d leave them alone with my kids and my wallet.