Trustissues 10s5p dual belt drive ESC diyeboard kit review and build!

Made a video about it, since the video ive made a few changes!

*put risers on - too hard ride without it!

*loctite, loctite and more loctite…

*painted the wheels :slight_smile:

  • also the kit comes with push to start so i dont need to turn it on! :slight_smile:


I REALLY those wheels.


man… i have the battery and enclosure, and god damnit its YUGE. I think im gonna have to top mount the sucker bc ill be too nervous going over bumps…

I think this will be the board of choice(minus those trucks and wheels though… got me some nice 107mm(s) to put on there ^-^

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I was afraid of I too! But I’ve had no problems actually! The motors are just as close to the ground as the enclosure

Just white tirepaint from a local autoshop store!:slight_smile:


Hi, first of all nice video!

I just ordered the kit myself a few days ago and just want know what you think of it thus far?

I have heard that some people has had issues with the belts skipping, lipped bearings breaking etc and wonder if you have faced any of this or any other issues?

And by the way, when/if you need to create a belt-tensioner, it would be great to see the procedure on video, that would be super helpful for so many other diyeboard riders :slight_smile:

I went through the same process you did…I have my thread here… I’m done with the build…it came out great…The only issue you didn’t do i think is negotiate…you could of order the OT wheels and get the road for free…and just pay a little bit extra which it will be worth it…i’ll post picture later…

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Everything works good so far, when it comes to belt slipping I have some thoughts. First of all I’m a light guy, 70 kgs, this might make the load easier for the belts. Second I don’t accelerate that hard, this prob. Also helps not getting belt slipping. I will make a vid if I need to make tensioners :slight_smile:

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