I own 83mm FLYWHEEL and Caliber trucks. I’m trying to switch to chain drive after I saw this. So the package came and I tried it on. FIRST PIC, the sprocket sunk in too deep doesn’t allow space for the chain. SECOND pic, is for measurement. THIRD PIC, the sprocket for the wheel fit the truck TOO TIGHT. Literally no wiggle room.

SO if anyone could be nice enough to suggest me what truck, wheel and motor mount that would fit this drive train.

I own a 44 in longboard and riding that around campus is cool but that thing is big and heavy and I can’t turn corners with it. I’m trying to switch to this.

Wow :scream: I don’t normally hunt around for the cheapest stuff there is, but that is the cheapest drive system I’ve ever seen & it’s not even plastic!

I guess you still need a few bits but…

What is the 8044 skate wheel it is designed for?

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I got the same sprocket set and I love it. I am using it with 12/27 sprocket and a cheap eBay motor mount.

Mount that I am using

I have to get these #25 master links and used 2 old scooter #25 links to extend the chain.

I also got a 12t sprocket to reduce the Radio to 12/27. To fit the truck you might have to do some sanding. I also wielded the motor mount to my trucks.

be careful wielding stuff to your trucks, the heat can weaken them… at the very least inspect regularly :wink:

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File down your truck, and print an adapter/spacer for your sprocket.

Have a look here…

This is my build.


Where abouts did you get that 12t pulley i can’t find one anywhere

Try eBay.

really you bought those… the look like they should be thrown away… maybe it is just me?

It works N that’s all it matter.

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Hellll no. Those things looks like they belong in a museum :laughing:

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Far as I remember the item that I received looks better than the one on the photo.

what type of wheel do you use? How did you get it to fit the trucks that you’re using? It would be really helpful if you post a close-up pic.
@Cobber So the sprocket for the wheel would fit 8044 wheels is what you are saying? @Nordle I only have PLA right now. You think it will suffice ?

I had some old 83mm wheels that had a flat back side therefore I was able to just attach the big sprocket to the wheel. I am also thinking of getting getting some 90mm flywheel.

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Yes I assume, If you follow the links at the beginning of the thread in the item description that’s what it says the chain drive is for.

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Pla should hold as long as it doesn’t get too warm. It’s just s spacer, not much forces except pressure from both sides on that part. Anyways i would use petg if i could.

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I have the exact setup on my board. I printed a part to fit in the wheel and make the back side flat to mount the wheel sprocket to. Not sure if you are still having trouble but I can link the file I used to fix it.

sorry for the late reply. I filed the truck down and got the motor mount to stay on. I’d appreciate if you linked me the file.