Trying to find a battery

I recently finished my first esk8 build and like an idiot I picked the cheapest possible battery I could find. It claims to be a 48v 10ah battery but it can’t keep the board at good speeds for more than 10 min or about 1-1.5 miles. After some research I decided a diy battery would be the most cost effective but after even more research about the dangers of spot welding cells, I have decided to buy a prebuilt pack.

After looking around at some prebuilt packs and their crazy prices, I started looking at some replacement battery packs for prebuilt boards. I stumbled upon this backfire zealot battery that is 12s2p and claims to have 60a continuous discharge

Would this battery work for my dual 6374 motors? I would like atleast around 10 miles of range and it claims to get 20+ but that is with much smaller motors. Does anyone know of any other prebuilt packs in the 12s2p or 12s3p configuration under $400? Thanks for any help!