Trying to go fast in snow with my Bajaboard

I’m really impressed with the handling, hoping for more snow tonight so i can try full speed :slight_smile:


Is that baja yours? Damn, you must have some deep pockets!


When you try it wide open, do it in a wide open area please…

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yea its mine, its a G3 and over 2 years old, I guess I do have different priorities to most the car i own is junk lol


I never normally go fast in places like this, I really did expect to be testing my new knees as I went round that first corner :slight_smile:

As a rule when I’m not offroad I’m in low speed mode, Baja’s weight could cause real damage to parked cars/people.

I never tried mine in the snow yet but sounds quite interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

have some spare belts handy! and don’t go to deep, but you get much more grip than you’d expect :slight_smile:

Also have somewhere to sit the board somewhere to dry out.

Hi @sk8l8r, why some spare belts, does they break easily? :slight_smile:

I broke my first belt in > 2 years in deep snow (more than 2ft) I was trying to push it a little lol :slight_smile:

So I guess I don’t need spare belt yet, and with 4 motors, I should still be able to come back home :wink:

yea I didn’t even notice it snapped till the next day, I did stretch my rear ones a little and needed to re position the motors, really make sure you have a place for it to dry after - an ice encrusted soaking wet dirty bajaboard not something you want to try and move around your home, I use blankets, radiator and trays to catch all the water :slight_smile:

BTW I use these if I’m out for more than 10mins in snow

I can vouch for Keis gear being toasty(on motorbike) if you can live with an extra draw ‘Current Draw 7A’, just need a 12v power source

They make heated insoles

And gloves too

If you’re a real snowmonster & if you own a Baja, well… you can afford it