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Trying to "restomod" an Evolve Bamboo Gen 2

Hey guys, I’m finally ready to get my hands on an electric skateboard for a relatively low price (~600 euros total) and I was looking for used boards on the web when I saw this :

So this is an Evolve Bamboo Gen 2 that I saw listed for sale for €250, with a catch : the ESC is down. Apparently the board wouldn’t stop which is pretty dangerous if you ask me. My idea would be to get this, add parts and essentially build myself a functional DIY electric skateboard with good range. But since the hardware used in these is pretty custom-made my question is this : is it even worth it ? My main concern is with the battery because I got everything else figured out as to trucks motors and all that. But how can I adapt the battery pack to, say a VESC or Hobbywing ESC ? Is it feasible, and if it is, is it hard ? Thanks in advance.

Its possible - but you’d need to have some parts pre-ordered and really know the state of things.

Provided you have a workbench, and basic soldering tools/maybe a spot welder DIY or authentic, you should be able to do this.

If you are local EU/NL would be happy to offer a hand.

Hey !

So… some updates are due. I found another Evolve skateboard on sale ans bought it for 500 euros. It’s a Carbon Gen. 2, in good shape, minus the battery which is having the famous battery sag issue. I’m planning to build my own 10s5p battery pack, and maybe add some other mods, changing the drivetrain completely.

eh that battery sag is a simple fix, do some research before opening your wallet would be my advice.

Also Modding Completes is a fun hobby, provided you know the DIY basics. take it from those who already went that route and paid the price :smiley:

Overall should be a fun setup though. Would wonder why you would go for 10s5p vs 12S 4P. Evolve doesnt pull crazy Amps, id think more range would be the desire.

Well I’m currently having about 5-8 miles of range, depending on the drivetrain (wheels vs tyres). Very far from the advertized 18-20. And yeah, even with a full battery the motor cuts out mid hill climbing with the tyres fitted. The board is so fun, the only thing holding it back for now is the range…

Honestly I don’t really know the difference

12S is mpore power and 5P is more range and amps

Yeah 5P is more amps - but hes only restoring a working EVOLVE GT Carbon. Which the basic configuration provides the required amps and then some

Hence, having more amps serves little purpose?

It’s a Gen 2 carbon not a GT. So if I understand correctly a 12S4P is more suited ?