Tsg pass carbon deal?


I found this but I can’t confirm, seems like EU only. Thought I’d share it to the EU people.

Or maybe someone could be a middle man for the US people. :grin:


Mine is the Regular red helmet i wanted the Carbon Pass to match my Carbon deck but they only make up to size L and im a perfect size XL lol

That’s pretty cheap. It sounds too good to be true

It does. But is they shipped to the U.S. I would’ve already ordered

no non-eu shipping :cry:

I can possibly bring a few stateside…I would need to make it worth my time - 240 each +shipping on both sides Let me know if there is interest.

Thanks for the heads up. Saw the Black carbon helmet for 200 euros on another site a few days ago and was close to pull the trigger. 160 euros is a steal. Seem to be just a limited amount left of each size.

They have the black carbon in XL for an even better deal (140 euros)

Damn! Thanks for this, I need a helmet and just ordered the carbon pro and it should be on its way soon!

If anyone would like some help, I’ll happily buy one and ship it out to you. I’ve been on this forum since March but I don’t know if I’m allowed to offer such a service (I won’t charge anything for my time, you just pay for the helmet and shipping).

Thanks again!


Ordering for Cobber and shipping from UK to Aus is £58.80 tracked if anyone else is interested.

I’ll try find it cheaper whilst I wait for his and my helmet to arrive.

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Try parcel2go. I found shipping for my enclosures to Us and AU for under £15. Might be more weighty and sizeable though.

what site?

Same site, search tsg pass in the search box and you’ll see the ones he’s talking about

Thank you, will check it out and see if it saves. Don’t want anyone paying more than they have to.

i’m interested in the carbon xl shipped to the states

Sure thing, PM me address/state and Zip and I’ll tell you rough P&P. I’ll order it and once its arrived I’ll ask for payment then send you proof of postage.

@Brianr058 and @Cobber I can confirm that tracked P&P will cost £15 for US and £20 for Aus via Parcel2Go. I’m assuming package is 1.2kg and 45x45x45cm.

Awesome @Youssless. I would like a large pls.

Pm’d :slight_smile:

Check out that the cost of helmet is covered by the postal insurance. Might be worth the extra tenner to cover up to 200 quid.