TSG Pass Carbon - XL [EU]

Just bought a TSG Pass Carbon. Was a bit too small for me. Like new.

150€ + shipping. Europe only.

PM If interested

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I’m in Sweden btw

@Youssless might be interested

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Thanks, but I need a large :sweat:

Bump 10char

Damn if I had the money right now I’d be on that :cry:

I can’t believe this is still here.

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What size is your head? Do they even make xxl? ps if you want to ship to usa I would be interested

My head is 61-62cm around. I don’t think they make a XXL, the XL will probably fit someone with 58-60 in head Size.

Apprently europeans have no interest in a awesome helmet :slight_smile: I’ll check the shippingfee to the US.


Is this deal still around because it’s amazing?

I bought mine on titus for €282,99 and that is quite the deal already.

Not interested by the way. Just happened to find this one.

I bought it… But it is sized smaller than the regular pass so is quite tight…

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Pretty awesome deal indeed, im basically giving stuff away :sweat_smile:

Too bad brits have the same problems as us swedes, huge heads (and brains) A warning to anyone going from a regular Pass to a carbon, it’s a much smaller fit.

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Yeah I read the carbon was a tighter fit which is why I went for the xl. It is a nice fit for me slightly snug with my 59 cm head


So the normal TSG pass is less tight? I got a 61,5cm head, so this one wouldn’t fit?

The Carbon is made from the exact same mold as the Pass; they are identical.

The Carbon is not smaller (else the visors would not be interchangeable).

The Carbon is, however, way stiffer than the Pass, meaning, it flexes /less/ and will crack on impact.

I’ve worn TSG XL-XXL since the mid 2000s and a Pass since they were in testing (2014). Just add a buckled chinstrap.

For comparison, Ruroc XL feels a bit too snug for me and Schuberth XXL will not fit me. I’m not Asian but I wear Oakley Asian Fit.


PS: OP, you got mail :100: