Tsg pass fitting

I wonder if someone could tell me how snug the tsg pass should fit, or bettersaid what snug means I first bought an M, but that was definitively to small So I returned it and got a X The cheek pads are still a little too tight When I remove them it seems to fit nicely (of course I will have them inserted while riding) But I’m not sure whether it’s correct that my chin/mouth (almost) touches the fogging blocker 45

When you shake your head left to right, does the helmet have any play?

Only a little bit

Then it should be a fine fit. My lips can touch the horseshoe shaped pad in the chin sometimes so I don’t think it is a problem. Just as long as it doesn’t wiggle around loose on your head and you feel comfortable in it.


Then it seems to be the right size :blush: Thank you

For others who might buy a TSG Pass, could you please tell us what your head size is? You said you got an XL?

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My head measured at 60cm so I fit perfectly in an XL and that’s what I wear.


it’s about 57cm / 22.4" i got an X

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TSG is from Switzerland. They live in another planet. What ever head size they mentioned for their respective helmet…forget about that! They are talking Swiss heads, they are somewhat from a different Solar system. The rest of us mortals that live outside their borders have heads of different dimensions. So always pick a larger size helmet from what they are suggesting. With them and their akward chart it goes like this:

Head Size … TSG Advance/Pass/Pass Pro Size

54-56 cms … Size S 56-58 cms … Size M 58-60 cms … Size L 60-61 cms … Size XL

So if for example, you measure your head and it turned out 59 cms circunsference, according with these fools you should then pick a TSG helmet Size L, right? … Wrong!!! If you do that your poor head will barely past the helmet’s opening and you’ll end up landing a job at the UFC with the couliflower ears you’ll get in short time by wearing this helmet.

So always disregard their chart. Whatever your head size pick up a TSG helmet one size larger from what they suggest. In the example if you have a 59 cms head that means you need to pick a Size XL helmet.

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I am swiss :rofl:


You are from NGR-7843 in the Andromeda constellation. :blush:


head is just under 59,5 cm and the pass pro XL is a perfect fit. so comfy I wear it as a hat.


Exactly @Sebike, you just like me with size 59,5 and my helmet is also a Pass XL.

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I have TSG Pass Pro Durado. Bought in January 2019 from Titus. My head circumference is 59 cm sharp. Long slim head shape with big nose. I went with an XL. I find it roomy. Cheeks are ok with the provided extra padding, no pressure points and no gap either. The fitment on the top of my head and forehead leaves slightly to much wiggle room. When I shake my head the helmet follows a split second after. Nose fits though!

If anyone is interested in how a big beard works with Ruroc and TSG Pass Pro I can tell you that too.

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where you do think I got this nick name :roll_eyes: Cheek pads has to come off or I can’t get the thing on, there’s almost no room to squeeze the pads back on afterwards. One good thing about having a fat head, I basically just get the biggest helmet available