TSG Pass Group Buy (CANCELLED)

Current Count: 8 - Still Open


So after helping some people grab these helmets when they were on sale, and having mine lost in the post I’ve looked for one but they’re all too expensive.

Contacted a UK distributor and they’ve sent me back their stock list. Please look at the table below and let me know what you’re interested in acquiring. I’ll then be able to report back and see what price we can get them for. I’m happy to ship anywhere provided you’re willing to pay.

As with last time, I’m not looking to make any money on this (just want to help this awesome community where I can). I know there is already another EU group buy but I want to open this up to anyone. The distributor only has the solid red helmet on their site so I’ve linked other sites for pictures of each colour only. The helmets should come with a reflective and clear visor each.

Pass Solid Color: Satin Black

L = 12 (1 requested) XL = 11 (3 requested)

Pass Solid Color: Satin Fire Red

XL= 2 (0 requested)

Pass Solid Color: Satin Purple

L = 1 (1 requested)

Pass Solid Color: Satin White

S = 3 M = 6 L = 1 XL = 6 (2 requested)

Pass Pro: Carbon Graphic Design Shoot

S = 14 M = 36 L = 40 XL = 11

Pass Pro: Carbon Graphic Design Trace

S = 3 M = 16 L = 32

Pass Pro: Solid Color Dorado

L = 1 XL = 5

Pass Pro: Graphic Design Mav

XL = 4


I’m interested in a:

pass solid color (+ bonus visor) XL satin black


Same ^ Canada

interested in the

pass solid color (+ bonus visor) L satin purple 1

what’s the ballpark price?

What would be the price for US? Interested in Pass XL white

Pass large satin black


Interested in a Pass XL satin black - DK

@Mikenopolis and @calnick0 I’ve not yet been given a price, and don’t want to put a guesstimate out there. Here is what will happen:

  1. Gauge interest and let them know.
  2. They give me a price.
  3. I report back and see who is still in.

I’m using this weekend and Monday as the window for people tell me what they’d like and then hopefully will get a price on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Its not ideal but I just want to give this a shot and see if we can all save enough to make it worthwhile.


Cool, Thanks for reaching out and helping the community. I’m looking at a few online in the low $200 range right now

The prices on these things definitely make it a hard purchase. Do I get two 6374’s or one helmet? hard choice.

Haha I’m in the same place, do I upgrade my board of death to +2 or invest in protection. My wife says to get a normal bucket for like £50…she doesn’t understand.

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I’d be interested in a Pass White - XL (US)

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She will never understand. Get the dang $200 bucket, wait for spring 'till the melting snows, then you get the 74.

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So I’ve sent an email with our current requests and will wait to hear back. I’ll pass on any information I get and see if anyone would like to take advantage of their offer.

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I assume no update from the seller?

I’m possibly interested in one to Canada if it’s still open , not sure how the sizing works though

Also interested

I’m afraid not, I guess this has failed and we will need to close the thread :disappointed_relieved:

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i would be interested too

Bummer, I’d probably be down for one too if the price was good.

XL pass Solid Color: Stain Black x1