TSG PASS L (head circumference 58,2cm)

Is it normal if one hand fits in front of my chin? The sides are snug but in the front I have space and don’t touch the padding at all…

My chin pretty much just barely touches the padding in the chin bar.

I’ve had a medium twice now, but this one fits a bit looser, IDK why. They are the same size and I’m fairly confident my head didn’t shrink.

This “U” shaped thing right? I wouldn’t even touch it with 2 of them or just barely What is your circumference?

I have a new TSG Pass Pro Carbon in M that is too small for me if anyone needs it, it is for sale

Carbon ones are even slimmer right? I need a wide M I think… Well the head fits nicely but the chin doesn’t. I will sue my orthodontist!

What is the price?

Yes the U shaped piece of foam. IDK my circumference off the top of my head, just used the Amazon size chart.

I have the pro xl. It came with extra different sized u shaped padding for the chin. The default one that was in was touching and snug on my chin. A bit too snug so I switched it out with the extra which was thinner.


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