For those who have both, the carbon fiber, and the normal one, have you noticed any significant differences??

I felt that my carbon fibre is much tighter than the regular one. Both XL

I have a carbon (xl), when researching the fit I found numerous reports of the carbon being narrower, or more oval. If you have a big (fat) head it might not work for you.

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Pass is 1020g Pass pro is 980g

Pass has button snap cheekpads Pass pro has magnetic cheekpads

Pass has larger vent holes then the pass pro, pass pro tends to fog easier

As others have mentioned likely will need to step up in size going pass pro. Not sure why the pass pros are tighter.


I have a Pro XL. I use it without the cheek pads since it was painful to squeeze in my huge head

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Which is stronger? I had a pretty nasty fall and fractured the shell of my regular pass. I’m wondering if the pass pro can withstand more abuse.

I’d do some research on the difference between the carbon fiber / fiberglass materials strength on a single impact. But after nasty falls and the helmet successfully protecting you, you definitely need to replace the helmet.


For everyone who is doing research I recommend this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHXVf0SaJpA You can see the impact test recommendation at about 8:20+ Fiberglas is definetly saver if you get rocks or some branches or whatever firing at you. The outershell is mostly for impact points (fast and small objects) while riding and spreading the force, the foam inside is I guess the same and is there to reduce the impact on your head. All the way fiberglass if you don’t care about those 130g more weight in my opinion and I mean the price is better as well. Hope I saved someone a little bit of time.

Jonas :slight_smile:

Do you know the size of your head?

no, not off my head (no pun intended). I just know I wear a 7.5 fitted cap which gives me a tiny bit of wiggle room, that translates to 59.7cm


And was the helmet tight when getting the skull in or the cheeks? I have a pretty big head (61.5), but overall thin face.

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Sorry @OlivierDud look at mikes title.

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That’s why I’m asking :slight_smile:

I think you’ll find a tsg pretty tight. I’ve had a standard pass and now the pro. (Both XL) I’m 59-60 and I’d say it’s on the limits for being too small. (As snug as it can get) The Carbon definitely feels tighter than the standard.