Tucson, AZ Race

Hi all,

I wanted to gauge whether there were people in Tucson, AZ who were interested in having an esk8 race. I was also curious how many esk8ers there are in Tucson. Anyway, if you are an esk8er in Tucson, leave a reply; it would be fun to put together a race or a group ride of some sort, or just see how many there are.

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:+1: I could make it.

Thanks for the reply. That would be awesome. So far, doesn’t seem like there are enough for a race though, lol. I hope there are more esk8ers in and around Tucson. If anyone else might be able to make it please chime in.

Tap the Boosted and Evolve pages on F-book. There’s possibly a few knuckle heads in those groups near you I’m sure.