Turnigy 149kv + 6s battery 22volts

Hi all. Thanks in advance for your help.

This is my first board. I was originally going to use a 150amp cheapo ESC but now I am in the market for a VESC. Also I live in Illinois. Hills are not a big issue here. I’m going for range and speed for getting to college classes.

I purchased this motor

with two of this battery

But now I am thinking that Ollin’s 200kv motor is better for my battery set-up.

Should I return the Turnigy motor in favor of Ollin’s motor? Or will the Turnigy work fine with my batteries and the VESC. Can anyone recommend Ollin for their motor or VESC? Thank you so much.

Your motor will be fine, you should just adjust your gearing to 20/28. Assuming you have 83mm wheels you will be getting ~20MPH.


Calculate ur speed here with your variables

look at my build with the exact same setup:

how is the torque for you? Can you start from a standstill?

With 6s and 5000mah your range will only be around 5 or 6 miles

No you can’t. Maybe a sensored motor would allow it or a wider belt could work. But you really only need a small push - once you are moving the acceleration is amazing.

@link5505 I use an Ollinboard VESC and it has been great. I pair it with an SK3 6364 245KV. I can start from a standstill with no problem. Torque is excellent I can climb every hill. This might be a factor of the gear ratio I use (14T/60T). Top speed easily exceeds 25MPH (although I tame it down with VESC’s ERPM limit to a more sane 20MPH as my top speed).

The motor you’ve got will be good. A higher KV motor with 6S might have been a more optimal choice, but I bet you’ll still be happy. Returning things to HK is no fun.

6S at 5000mah will get you roughly 6-7 miles. Terrain, weight, and the gearing you choose will effect all of this.

The build I’m referencing is here: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/the-village-build-s9-faultine-paris-195mm-sk3-6764-diyes-mount-8s-vesc-127mm-pneumatic-wheels/292