Turnigy 5S 5000MAH 20C lipos USED 30 Bucks for both

Hey as the title suggest I have two turnigy 5s 5000mah 20c lipos that I’m trying to get rid of, I’ve used them for a few months so there a little bit puffed I’ve also put another layer of heatshrink on.

You can have both of em for 40 bucks. SHIPPED

Also comes with xt 60 series harness.

IMG_20190112_180837 IMG_20190112_180844 IMG_20190112_180830 !

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What’s the time before someone bumps? :thinking:

But anyways price is 30$ shipped for both, so 15 per lipo (i think this is a good deal personally.

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Selling everything i see how did you go with selling your boards?

dont quiet understand? you interested in buying and everything in the picture is included and what do you mean by how did it go with selling my boards?

Sorry not interested but what i ment was with those two 27 Inch Cruiser Deck as they took forever to get some people intrested

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it only took 4 days which i consider is pretty good lol.

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Thats good, just curious

How much capacity left compared to when you first bought them?

Not really sure never really tested that but i could right now lol, hope my icharger does discharge fast lol.

If you can just let it discharge slowly. The slower you do the more accurate it’ll get I think.


Can you share how they are working? What motor are the powering? Can you ride a reasonable distance? They do look used. Thx.

Did you not read the title?

Sorry. I meant used a lot.

Ill post internal resistance and capacity when i finish testing it.

IR PACK 1| 3mΩ, 2mΩ, 2mΩ, 3mΩ, 1mΩ

IR PACK 2| 3mΩ, 2mΩ, 3mΩ, 3mΩ, 2mΩ

Will Post mAh rating tomorrow, Currently still on my I charger


@moderators1 after testing i have determined lipos are unfit for sale. @mmaner