Turnigy 6374 sk3 motor [US]

QHey guys, as mentioned in title, I have a 6374 192kv motor I don’t really need and am willing to let go cheap, 35$ it’s yours. It was passed on from @GrecoMan to @Boardnamics and I have absolutely no use for it since I’ll only be riding prebuilt boards image image

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I’ll take it if you can ship to Sydney 2156.

if anyone undercuts me imma find you and hit you :heart:


God man, frick international shipping but I’ll do my best to see what I can do

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hehe thank u

So I’m looking at usps first class, I’ll check with usps tommarow, should be under 20$ usd to ship

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hopefully lol

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Shipping to Australia 2156 is going to cost 28$usd, UPS gave me a 20$ quote on the phone and when I got to the store they said 133$

Why does shipping from US to Australia have to be so expensive!!

nah I’ll pass brother. thanks for looking for me tho. they’re a fucin good motor so it should sell soon

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I’m so sad atm

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Is this still available.

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Bump, price is now 35$

I’d buy for 35 if you haven’t sold it yet!

@mmaner, it’s sold