Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 6374 149KV [SOLD]

I bought this Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 6374 149KV as a spare and never used it.

$85 shipped CONUS

Google Photos

If you have 2 I’ll buy

In 149KV, I just have this one as well as a sensored, long shaft version of this motor. If you want them both, I’ll do $170 shipped. Let me know, @MannyM0E?

I WANT!!! 10 gamergirlz

@Lionpuncher Comitted first, so to Lionpuncher it shall go. I’ll send a PM.

Still available.

Sold [extra characters]

Bro I bought your motor & you post the motor was 149kv wth :angry: Not at all the one in the picture

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You sold me your used motor You need too fix this

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With apologies for having been slow because I didn’t check in on this thread, as you know by our email exchange earlier this morning, I simply made a mistake and shipped you the wrong motor.

I also shipped you the correct motor today.

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I will delete complaint once receive correct purchased motor. Thank you for responding back