Turnigy D5035 on Vesc

Hi all,

I’m planning on changing my 5055 motors, I have got a dual motor setup, vescs, and 12s. I’d like to have better motors with more torque, and lightweight. Do you think two D5036 will work on my build? If not what do you suggest?

I have no idea why they named them like that, when they seem to be a 6355 size… So annoying!

But yeah, should work :slight_smile: there is a whole thread about those motors

Lol, my bad, I swear I search all the interweb™ for it :smile:

Oh forgot, link? Thanks mate!

I mean, i didn’t want to be that guy but…

How I would know that was the same as the D5035/6355 :smile:?

Well i don’t know, i guess you didn’t! Hope you find something useful there :slight_smile:

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Ordered two :smiley:

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