Turnigy esk8 149kv to 192k

Hey ! Help needed ! new to the forum, i tried to get more information about the differences with 149kv to 192k -using a mountain board. -dual motors setup -160A-200A from the motors -200mm wheels -will use flipsky vesc 200a, any recommendations ? -in terms of battery, i want to build one, what setup would you recommend to build? 10s4p? ordering it tonight needs help ASAP (:

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To answer your question, most people with Mtn boards always recommend lower Kv because it will yield more output torque per volt. The Kv rating is essentially how many rpm the motor will spin per volt input. Take two motors, one 149kv and another 192kv. At 10s nominal voltage it’s 37v roughly. At 50 amps motor current that allows 1850 watts input. Now the 149kv motor takes this input and spins 5,500 rpm, and the 192kv spins 7104 rpm. They both output the same “power” In watts, but for the same power the 149kv spins slower, yielding more torque.

TLDR; If you want your board torquey as fuck go 149kv, If you want your board a little faster go 192 Kv.

If you want the best of both worlds, scrap 10s, go 149kv and do a 12s build. You won’t regret it.

Also** only buy flipsky vesc’s if you wanna buy twice and risk your life when the thing blows up. Go for a more reputable brand if you can afford it. I wasted 200 bucks when I first got into the sport, thinking I was saving money. But lost money when I had to replace my cheap vescs with focboxes.

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thank you so much john ! helping me alot here (: if i cannot get the focboxe, do you have any other recommendations ?

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@Eilonk if you watch around there will be some. Expect to pay 80-120 each used. But they last well and have even been proven to take 13s without blowing up.

Also on the other forum, look up NeoBOX. We have a very dedicated Chinese factory owner that reverse engineered the FOCbox and the beta units should be received this week. I also personally put in for the 2 in the first production batch that’s supposed to ship beginning of April. He also has a v6 variant that looks promising. I would wait till after testing before pulling the trigger on either of those though unless you wanna be a tester. (Neobox v4 = 80 USD) (NeoBOX v6 = 120 USD)

DiyElectricSkate (torqueboards) is planning to release a vesc 6 variant very soon, by the end of this month or next month: It’s currently being tested and is very promising

Another option is a Trampa vesc 6 mkIII, bullet proof, built in switch/push to start. But like 250 usd a pop. Designed by Benjamin Vedder himself.

That’s who i currently trust… there’s maytech and also maker x but those seem kind of hit or miss.

Depends on your budjet…but 12s minimum…149kv is ok depending on your gearing, and complete set up of your board…Wise choice Focbox, best and more expensive Vesc6 from Trampa…And you should go to the other forum, there are builders selling some great products at a good price…