Turnigy motor mounts work with these trucks

I have these here Turnigy motor mounts. Will they work on Gullwing Sidwinder II’s? I can’t seem to get a flush alignment…Turnigy%20motor%20mount Sidewinder%20trucks1 Sidewinder%20trucks3 Sidewinder%20trucks2

The trucks are tapered ever so slightly so much as to hardly be perceptible to the eye. I can only tell because they aren’t flush all the way across the contact area. Will the only way to make this feasible is to have the roundness cut into shape by a lathe, if that’s even possible?

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I don’t believe they will work as those trucks you have show are Paris styled, the Turnigy motor mounts only work with calibre styled trucks


You might be able to drill multiple holes in the mount and get your own grub screws to screw into your trucks to keep it on tight with assistance with Loctite, this will make dents in your trucks though if you don’t want that.

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Den’ts in the trucks don’t really concern me, they are going to get scratched quickly anyways. However, having the build come apart on me is a concern and I like your idea about using screws to prevent that.

Didn’t think about drilling holes and then tapping them. Nice… Now that I am looking at it closer I am wondering if that will actually work? While it will hold it in place from slipping off the truck or rotating around the axle it won’t keep the mount from tilting which will throw off the belt alignment. Shit.

Any more ideas anyone?

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Those mounts are pretty bad, but try grinding down a flat spot with a grinder if you have one, or else try dickyho mounts with Paris or caliber trucks

these mounts are for hobbyking trucks only.

Um… round peg, square hole :man_facepalming:

Thanks for the tips guys. Hobbyking advertised them as universal mounts. Guess not so much…

you could use JB weld to attach on the truck and motor mounts and then use grub screws and loctite to make a really sturdy build

If you go the setscrew method, please drill holes (small indents) into the truck that the setscrews will also be able to thread into slightly. Otherwise you WILL have issues with it wearing down from a simple point tip setscrew, it will eventually loosen up.

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Also, until you know these are down set like fat kid in cement, I wouldn’t take it more than a km or two… Lol.

I’ve had “regular” mounts slip and slide but these look especially prone to not staying still

Absolutely I would make it so that the set screw threads into the truck slightly. As you pointed out they look prone to slipping, which they are, and with the amount of vibration and jostling around our boards get im surprised that’s not common practice. I’ll just need to be extremely careful I positioning the trucks properly in the first place, once the hole is drilled, that’s it. No do overs.

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