Turnigy motors any good?

Has anyone had any experience or know by word of mouth if these motors are any good as far as being solid and well built motors. I was going to buy some 6374’s from DIYboards and while the price is good I have a hard time believing the specs. They call out 4000W, every other 6374 motor (name brand or not) is rated lower than 4000W.

Have been wanting to build another 4WD (12s) and want to have insane acceleration and stopping, don’t care about top speed as I rarely pass 30-35 mph as it is. 190KV should be the sweet spot for better torque.

If the Turnigy motors aren’t a best choice what would be, in your own opinion?

They are good and reliable. Not all of them are sensored and the can has this little extension that can make mounting difficult… id go either torqueboards motors or maytech motors

[quote=“I_keeps_it_real, post:2, topic:108934, full:true”] …the can has this little extension that can make mounting difficult…[/quote]

I can’t find maytech 6374’s only this 6364 but it has the “nub” at the end of the motor like you mentioned about the SK3, which after consideration I think the SK8 is a better choice since it is sensored as well as fully enclosed. Come to think of it, I may not be able to use the Maytech or the Turnigy’s. Both have that “nub on the end” and that is going to eat into my already limited space between motors since I use evolve trucks and there is no way to move the mounts in or out. If I remember right there isn’t much clearance between the bigger (longer) motors before they make contact with each other. Shit! I hadn’t thought of that issue. Thanks for pointing it out.

Damn it. Maybe I’m stuck with dual 6354’s after all…Let me think about this for a minute…FML