Turnigy RotoMax 100cc Size Brushless Outrunner Motor 167kv

Turnigy RotoMax 100cc Size Brushless Outrunner Motor 167kv image

Anyone put this on a Mountain board yet?


Turnigy RotoMax 50cc Size Brushless Outrunner Motor


Just get 2-4 if those.

Andy you think these are just as fast and produce same torque? given the mechanics are the same?

i guess my questions is you like alien power systems better and if you were to put the biggest possible motor in a 4 setup on a board you would go with 80mm and not a 100mm or 120mm?

You could compare the data sheets to answer this question. I didn’t look up the turnigy motors, but they look to me like the have similar size to this ones

and those are similar rated to the 80100 motors.

Been about 4 year brake on the hobby had some shit come up… ok nvm i found the esc at 200amp but do you still reccomen the vesc over esc or is the esc duel motor a great option by Alien? or is there a better company?> going to look at other forums and see if there are similar builds thank Andy!

I would either go with the trampa vesc6 and an additional heat sink or have a look at the high voltage vesc based escs which are coming out in different versions. Definitely go with something vesc based over normal escs. I have a quad build thread on esk8news with 4x8085 motors. Maybe there is some useful information for you to find.

ohh please link brother :pray:t2:

Hope I’m not in trouble now because I link an other forum :sweat_smile:

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you can pull it now man!

Yo andy what size batter did you end up running i counted the on in the boxes and it was like two 7s6p’s? i wanted to crush two 12s12p’s side by side and get 120miles if possible split on the two different twin motors. Was hoping the quad motor would pull the extra weight and get me the extra millage. Right now i have enough to make a fatty battery but wanted to see what you used cause mine would be about double your height i believe! But i have seen some 12s12p’s premade for about $700. But i have the spot welder and shit already so i figured id just pop it. Ohh looked into the 100cc motor and it would push about 20hp which is like 60 mph but i am sure with weight and all it wouldn’t be as fast. But if i quad it… well who fucking knows how fast. Which leads me to the question. When you rolled form the 2motor to the quad motor did you notice speed increase or just torque?

Ohh was thinking id run mostly Trampa shit fro deck and possibly mechanics if i can convince them to do a custom spur gear. Which i wanted to get your input cause most people run belt over chain but you have chain, have you tried the spur? I assume you went chain to prevent slippage cause you’re winter rolling. But i am curious if youve tested any of the others? Sorry long run here but your build is sick and i am trying to hash out my direction so i actually really appreciate it!

2x12s12p is crazy :sweat_smile: I run 12s4p 5Ah lipos so far but that’s not a range monster really. I‘m currently rebuilding that board and it will be able to fit my 12s10p VTC6 plus hot swap 12s-16s2p 5Ah lipos. If you want to go quad it’s going to be a heavy build, especially with 80xxx motors, so I would try to hold the weight as low as possible. Which cells you plan to use in your pack? If you use high drain cells 12p should be fine to not sag too much and I would recommend you to make your pack interchangeable. One on the board, one in the backpack if you need the range just swap them. My board went drin dual 6374 to dual 6384 to quad 6374 to quad 8085 so far. I would say quad 6374/84 is definitely enough for torque and speed in my opinion (there always crazy speed devils who would need more thou :joy:) Why I went 8085? More or less because I just like to build that thing out. It’s getting now 11“ wheels as well and with 35+kg strapped to the feet I don’t need to go 60+km/h :sweat_smile:. Puh what else, ah why chains, because belts suck for me personally and in the winter they do snap easy if snow get inbetween the belt and the pulley. I have some gear drives (straight and helical) on other boards and I’m super happy with them. Especially because it’s an enclosed drive so no shot gets in there. For the quad I just kept the chains because I had them and honestly quad gear isn’t cheap either, so yeah it’s just because I didn’t want to spend the money for a new transmission.

I didn’t fully understand where you are coming from and where you want to go with your board, so it’s a bit hard to recommend something. If you think you are confident with riding emtbs and want to go big motors you can get the etoxx 80xxx motor gear drive. They are made to fit the alienpowersystem 80xxx motors. I would always start with dual. Ride it for a session and than decide if you need quad or not. As much as I love to ride my quad, I also love to jump around with my light weight build. It all just depends where you want to take it.


yeah alot of things you say are super true! I was thinking about weight and before i was thinking id run duel 12s6p but one on board and other in pack draining the quad from the one battery and than just exfering them. But the appeal of a 12s12p i with monster motors is well :heart_eyes: but having this conversation it does seem that a nice solid ride with smaller batteries would be sick! just want atleast 60mil ride. Honestly i rode duel motors for years and the duel was amazing and had hella sick torque up hills but i am honestly looking for ride hardcore dirt and back country trails in Colorado. Lots of big rocks and run full Burton bindings or rideteam full healies but i am still contemplating the ideas. I wanted to do some track runs here in Los Angeles and some hard trail runs in Utah with peddles and some sand dunes tests with peddles. Looking for some hardcore shit with hard torque and power. Only concern i had with the alien brand was that it has a axel onboard the motors. Did you just machine chop yours off? Also are there other companies that make helical or gear parts for other motor’s or that you can custom rig? I wanted to go gears so i can ride deep sand. So part of me is leaning on just droping the 4g;s on the trampa gear 185kv but part of me feels that if i put in the time i can get more for less. But the Gear drives are so sexy and appealing that i am pretty stuck on going back to belt drives cause honestly they just arnt a solution in my opinion. Which is why i have waited a while to fab a new board with new tech But lmk if you have other gear drives or heli drives that arnt trampa?

but ill think more on the battery sizes. I could always run a backpack with 3 batteries honestly and keep the board light so i can rip off things. Its true a big hog would kinda suck down the line and would hit hard on the dirt if i lifted if off. Good note thanks Andy!

Gears you can get here from our legend @Nowind

They as well do have adapters to fit 80xx motors on 63xx motor mounts, so in fact you could go chain or what ever drive train. Just be aware that dual 80100 with adapter plate might not fit on the one or other mount because the crossbar is too short.

About the trampa gears i hear they strip often as they use a smaller teeth size. Never had one of theirs by my own thou.

If I could build only one board it would probably be something like dual 6384/63100 with an etoxx Maxi drive 1/6.25 gearing on 9“ mudplugger and a 12s8p vtc6 or 40T pack. It’s heavy, but still light enough to pop it over obstacles. The 9“ clear gaps nice and dicots not too lose sand it shouldn’t be a problem to ride on the beach either. I think it’s a good Allrounder. If you want to go quad I would probably go quad 6355 to hold the weight down. If you go bigger it’s sure nice to go slow through rough terrain, but try to lift the front over a piece of wood you have seen too late going 30km/h isn’t so easy anymore :joy:


yeah this is the dude that makes that sick vesc box! Fucking epic. Ok thats good to know ill check out those parts and feel around for my finish. Are you running a Trampa board atleast?

I have several boards based on a trampa deck and other parts from trampa, but no trampa prebuilt board. I do not like all the parts they use for their prebuilt boards, so better for me just to pick the parts I need and build my own.

yeah i honestly when i looked at them first glance my biggest concern was the gears stripping. But i liked the decks. Was just wondring if thats the go to deck atm. Was going to make my own carbon fiber deck like 4 years ago but now they just sell them in mountain board sizes so its legit now!

Honestly their completes are for sale on a good price if you strip it down to each component you definitely will save some money and you still have lots of options to choose from. You wouldn’t need to go with their for drive. Anyway, deck wise I think it depends on your personal preference. If you like flexy decks trampa decks are yours and they will last for ever. If you like stiffer decks than mbs does have some nice decks too, or get a colab or a haero bro 96. Those are very good decks as well.

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