Turnigy SK8 192KV '6374' for sale [SOLD]

hey guys, i ordered a hobbyking SK8 192kv 6374 motor in hopes of pairing it with my sk3 on my TB218mm trucks… however it doesn’t fit and i opted to just stick with dual 6355 for the time being…

the motor is brand new and has never even been used. I paid ~125USD for it to buy and get shipped from the HK warehouse to canada, and the price for a new one on HK is ~97$…


you can get 97mm flywheels for 25$ on amazon, they are not the best but they work :slight_smile:

sadly they wont ship to my locaiton in canada…and amazon canada doesn’t stock them… if i get them from ebay i end up paying like 60 bucks after shipping+customs :persevere:

@JLabs has some in the US i think, but his as i have heard way better than the amazons ones

something i’ll take note of, but for now i need to sell this motor so i can afford the new wheels :sweat_smile:

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@abenny Still for sale ?

You should be honest and write this out correctly, here I will help you…

“You can find some crappy cheap clones of Flywheels on Amazon and ebay for $25 bucks, but they are cheap Chinese clones of great wheels from Abec11 and far from the real thing. In fact the only thing similar about them is the shape or form factor and the product photos. The urethane is a pitiful excuse for a product (an embarrassment) and the wheels are typically not even straight and wobble. The cores require modification with a drill to fit flywheel pulleys because the tolerances and measurements were a little off when they copied them. Also, buying from known cloners and copiers hurts the industry, takes money from those who invented and designed the product in the 1st place and hurts the chances for new and innovative products to be released for fear of cloners stealing the designs and cheap ass customers not respecting those who innovate by buying at the lowest bidder and never understanding the quality differences or why we pay almost 100 bucks for good wheels…”

Miss anything??

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