Turnigy Sk8 6374 192kv and Flipsky 6380 190kv Opinions

Hi, I’m new here, i have been searching info to make an e-longboard and i have a few questions i wanna ask to you guys. Searching a motor (mid range price, 190kv, sensored, good power/size) i find this two that looks perfect but i want to ask opinions about it. About flipsky i have read about 1 year ago that the magnets fall apart, some units start to come with a retainer. I ask if someone knows if this probem is fixed an any other experience/opinion. And similar thing for the turnigy, i have hear that the body falls off the bolts plate, what about that or any other info? Thank you for your time guys. If i write something wrong please tell me, still learning.

Buy torqueboards 6380. They are already battle hardened. I have a pair and love them. Much cooler running than the turnigy sk3.

Okey, i will consider it in the case i can afford it, but the problem is the price, compared with the other two is significantly more expensive and i want to make a dual motor setup cause in my city there are a lot of hills, and that motor increses a lot the total price.

this online shop has black friday sales with additional discount. Recommend you to use this motor for climbing hill