Turnigy vs torqueboards motor

Hi guys…still haven’t decided about the motor of my first build so I will really appreciate your comments about motors…I’m between a turnigy and a torqueboards motor (6455) for single motor system…or any other in that price range…thanks and happy ride!

Turnigy is my choice if they have a motor in the us


Go with:


It’s waterproofed and sensored. I think it’s actually a new generation Maytech that is rebranded.

Same as the one on eskating.eu but for a much better price and especially for US customers…

Keep in mind that TB’s motors come with a keyway and flat spots on the shaft for grub screws.

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Yes, so turnigy should not have like an anchor point for the motor polley?

Great! I’ll check those too…

I’m thinking TBs polley system…

I have a turnigy motor and torque boards. I say go with torque bards, its sensored, and having a keyway will really come in handle when mounting a pulley, particularly with a 6355 motor, it will put a lot of strain on grub screws, and that’s after you file down the shaft of the turnigy motor which is a bit of a pain.

I’ve used several motors, I always come back to Torqueboards


TB of course :slight_smile: