Twist throttle 'bike style' Potentiometer

I was actually wondering the same thing. I want to add physical brakes to my MTB (when I build it) so I can bomb hills and paths and not worry about damaging the motor or the brakes giving out. What about hardwiring a wii kama? You would have the nunchuck style control (which I prefer) but there would be no easy way to make it twist throttle.

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you could stick the servo tester inside the eglide remote and connect the trigger pot to the servo tester pot pins…then you still have regen for better speed control, and disks to stop.

Then you just have to figure out how to add the brake lever…

you could always use the VESC’s built in twist throttle compatibility…

( edit: @blasto did mention this above)

The twist throttle I put on Aedens kickboard rests in neutral.

Hey @psychotiller , I know this is old-ish, but do you happen to know where you found the T-bar and what twist throttle this is?

I’m looking to make something exactly like this and am really to sure what to look for and where!

The T handle was made for me at rogers bros downhill. and the twist throttle i bought on ebay.

You’ll also need to hook the throttle up to the adc pinouts on the vesc.

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