Two 50mm Motors

Looking for two reasonably priced 50mm motors. Looking to test a new concept out and need two motors to see if it will work. Not looking for anything fancy. Would normally just buy some NTM Prop Drive 270kvs but they are all out stock, so that’s why I’m looking here!


@chaka started selling these recently. You’ll only be able to configure them in a dual rear configuration with wider trucks like paris 195mm.

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I should be getting the wire for the motors i am going to rewind by the end of this week. And i have a couple of NTM in the batch i have. So if you would be willing to be a tester of my rewinds I could give you a good deal on them

Thanks for the replies guys! I’m looking for more NTM priced motors, so the Ollinboard ones are a little too pricey for me. @Karmannghiagirl keep me posted on your rewinds. Interested. Thanks.

It’s unfortunate that there’s a motor shortage at the moment. May I ask what your new concept is? Maybe you can start a thread on it.

You bet,shared the details of my concept here:

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Hi I have two 50mm 270KV motors as I just upgraded to 6355 motors. I presume you are in the US though? I am in the UK so shipping would be prohibitive.

Thanks, yeah I’m in North America so shipping probably wouldn’t make it worth it for either of us. Thanks anyways!

I think I’ve found someone to get some off of hopefully.

Jolly good. Hope it all works out for you.

NTM 270s man. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those motors. Make a 6S slap your mama.

Just purchased two motors from @mccloed . Thanks for the help guys!

any motor for 6S and FTV 120A ESC ?

What motor would fit enertions mount other than enertions motor? @longhairedboy @lowGuido @torqueboards @onloop @carl.1 (I tagged you as you guys seen to be the most knowledgeable. It would be able to handle 6s and able to work with the enertion 12mm pulley

50mm or 63mm cans

Check this for parts