Two batteries for twice the range?

Hi I have a Wowgo 2s but would like a longer range. I now have the LG 6.4 Ah battery in my board and have been looking at alternatives for longer range.

My cheapest/best option right now is if it is possible to buy another LG 6.4 Ah battery and parallel connect them for twice the range. What problems might this have? Can i connect the charging cables and charge them both at the same time or do i have to charge them separetly? Could my charger even charge 2 batteries at the same time or do I have to buy another charger? Would this affect my boards performance other than doubling the range?

I am new at this and would appreciate help sorting this out. Thanks!

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U can parallel connect. Just make sure when charging that both batteries are at same level. Also check before connecting them together that voltage does not differ…

Depending on how used up your old pack is, there might be some capacity difference in both packs but if it is relatively unused, i think, u should be fine… just make sure to check voltages on both packs from time to time and of course after first rides to see they are balanced out

Could this battery work or is the specs wrong?

Might be easier to just carry the extra pack in your back pack and swap out the battery during the ride, boosted guys do it all the time on our group rides.

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