Two boards for sale with two TSG Pass Helmets, bundle only (Bay Area, California)

Hello all, I am done with the hobby, officially done. I am focusing on school and I actually need the money to get me through the last year. I also hate to admit it, but I’m fucking broke and shit out of money. I also have hardly been doing any riding lately at all. Part of me believes this is the dumbest and most expensive hobby fucking ever, but I have truly loved every second of it getting to ride with friends. However, there is also nothing in the world that can compare to flying down the street at 35 mph on a portable fucking rocket.

I will only be selling it all as a bundle as I need someone to buy my life. The bundle will be including:

  • Two’s

  • Two medium TSG Pass Helmets (Red and Purple)

  • Obed Bag

  • Two chargers

  • Two remotes

  • Various extra thingies I’ve aquired over time

Pictures Here

The one with All terrain wheels is push to start. I recently swapped the motors out for brand new ones and it runs smooth.

The other Kaly with street wheels is the old school version with an anti spark switch. Takes off like a damn Tesla. Unfortunately the other month I accidentally over tightened a bolt. The shaft became a little loose and I’m sure it’s an easy fix. I am just out of time and money for this hobby. Other than that it runs good.

Both TSG pass helmets are a size medium. The purple one is in perfect condition. The red one has some scratches from a fall I took awhile back. Other than that they are amazing helmets that make you look like a fucking badass.

I am asking $2800 for everything you see in the picture, local and cash only. I am willing to drive halfway pretty much anywhere in California to make this happen. It is a comparable price to similar boards on the market and you get not one, but two badass boards that can each similarly and most likely outperform just the one. Any questions please feel free to message me.

Thank you

Here is my Instagram if you’d like to see some cool pictures I’ve tried taking with them or to DM me

And below is a badass video a friend helped me film on his drone:


Put this up on forum. also…

Seems I have never heard of that, will do thank you :grinning:

Seems to be the same site lol?

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Posted over there :laughing:

Sad to see another Bay Area rider leave :frowning: Good luck with the sale! If only I had more disposable income.

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Good deal here. If you decide to sell the boards separate let me know.

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Will do, thank you

Thanks. I’m local in the Bay area. (Marin).

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Can you meet me halfway from LA?

is there a trusted member in the area that can help me pick this up? (And check the gear, make sure everything is as stated etc)

I can payal you the full amount via paypal immediately. I’d probably split it and sell one board on here. And have the other one shipped to washington for me to drive over the boarder to pick up.

I can pay you a little extra for helping me out, and let you ride them as much as you want until they get sold/shipped :slight_smile:

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I could yes, it would be a long day, but I can

Just PM’d you!

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I can’t get my account confirmed on that site

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Wish I was in a situation to buy these. This is a good deal.

Don’t pay money for that red helmet. Its obviously damaged

Is it damaged and a little roughed up, sure. But so much that it’s time to put it in the dump? I would disagree. And would it still protect you if you fell? Absolutely. It’s a $250 helmet I paid for at the time, still have the extra visors for them that have never been used.

I personally wouldn’t ever pay money for it or make someone pay money for it but I guess we have different moral values. A damaged helmet is a damaged helmet.

That is fair. However my price for everything is not a total calculation of what I believe the cost of each and every individual item in the bundle would total too. More so a lump sum for everything. I am open to hearing things out from people, but I believe that it is currently a fair price for everything you would get. Thank you.

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It’s definitely a fair price for the bundle (without both helmets) . I just don’t think that helmet is safe for use.