Two mini remotes (All sold) πŸ”« For sale from Group Buy


1 for $36 shipped 2 for $70 shipped


I could use one for my second scrap build, but I’m broke and not paid till Friday…

I will hold one for you

I changed the description for you so you know it’s held @lilracerboi



Lol I’m a nice guy

Nah, let someone else have it. I just thought about the next build and I won’t have the money for it for a while. I’ll use my GT2B when the time comes.

Thanks though

Fair enough

No I needed one!!! I think USPS lost the remote hummer sent. Hasn’t been updated since it was received.

I will send you one tomorrow if u want it…

Told you mail was oddly slow

Well, Idk. I need this remote to come from hummie. Don know what is going to happen if I do not get it.

Let me know

I’ll take one

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Ok bud

[email protected]

I’ll shoot it out tomorrow

Payment sent Best Remote/Reciever available and for a really great price!

Got it hammer :metal:t2:

Bump one left

I am taking one. Give me 20min I’ll wire the money.

Ok. Money sent. I,ll pm you with details soon.

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