Two new Flipsky Mini FSESC4.20 for sale, $65 each shipped

I purchased these from Flipsky recently to use on my dual motor build. I already soldered on 4.0mm bullet connectors on the motor wires and XT-60 connectors on the power wires. Guaranteed to be good solder joints! I plugged them in to test but realized they wouldn’t work in canbus mode. Contacted Flipsky and they suggested I buy the Dual FSESC 6.6, which I did. So, who wants to take them off my hands? They work perfect individually, I tested them myself. They will also work perfectly fine with split ppm for dual drives. Price includes USPS priority tracked shipping to the US. Much faster and cheaper than waiting for it to come from China. Comes with all accessories IMG_20180928_161510

Why doesn’t canbus work? Haven’t heard of this being an issue before

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It seems to be an issue with just their Mini 4.20’s, I don’t think they’ve narrowed down the problem yet. They do however work well in single drive builds (10s and below), as many other members have noted.

They should also work just fine with split ppm for dual drives.


Also true, main reason I wanted to do canbus though was for traction control and use with a bluetooth module

Oh and forgot to mention, I will include xt-60 splitter if you buy both of them.

Wondering why people aren’t interested… Is it the price? Or the reputation of Flipsky?

The vesc 4.2 has not a good reputation. People said 10s is fine doing bdlc. But higher than 10s wil fail a lot. The 4.2 has also trouble with foc mode… Thats what i heard… Thats het i have orderd dual 6.6 :stuck_out_tongue: They were in sale few days ago , i think multiple people just orderd one… maybe a friend of me is interesed, i wil Whatsapp him! :slight_smile:

Gr sam

I see, thanks for the info. Seems like with 11s or 12s, they have some issues. People are having good experiences with 10s BLDC and FOC based on some polls on here.

One sold, one remaining!

same on mine

Price drop, now $65

How much is shipping to Serbia?


Looks to be around $15 by USPS, so I could do $75 shipped. Might have to check for sure though, $15 is just an estimate.

Nice. I’ll take it then. Let me know when you confirm shipping expenses.

if you want to avoid fees, tell the buyers to add 3% if they use G&S.

If there is still one available, I’d love to grab one!