Two VESC BLDC Speed Controllers

Bought these from Diy Skateboard. Don’t need them anymore. Barely used and in perfect working condtion.

These have been modified to have 4mm bullet connectors, instead of the 5.5 they originally came with. $160 for both. $80 for one. v4.12 Hardware (Latest hardware version) Latest v2.18 for Firmware for FOC (Latest firmware version) 10awg motor wires. Bootloader and Firmware Loaded. With Motor Detection & FOC Tested.


Where are you from? How much would shipping to the Czech Republic (Middle Europe) cost?

yep, having the same question (from where are you, how much shipping to eu might cost)

… for such price it looks really attractive just to order a vesc :slight_smile:

Definitely interested in both, even if they were just spares in case anything goes wrong. In a similar position though, UK here, so wondering about shipping?

I will buy one, if the shipping is not too high…

In for a spare

In Boston USA. I’ll have to work out the shipping and get back to you.

Im in for both shipped

Hi, im new in the forum, im from argentina and i will be in NYC from 13th to 24 of march, can you ship me both vescs?how can we do the payment? Best regards

Are these still for sale? I’m from the netherlands

Hey same question, these still for sale… I’m just outside Philadelphia, PA (19086)… PM me if they are available


are they still for sale. live in ny

i would like 1 if possible

How much will it cost for 1 vesc shipped to israel?

are these still for sale?