[UK] - 10s4p enclosure to fit 3D Servisas heat sink plate

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for an enclosure that will fit my 3D Servisas heat sink plate (dual focbox) and is also suitable for 10s4p battery packs. I’ve got a DB Freeride 38" deck.

Any one got anything?

Thanks, Daniel

@bigben maybe. He seems a bit busy though

I have the same heatsink I’m going to be installing soon on my Diy… I’m using TB enclosure & battery 12s4p just by eyeballing it I can see that’s it’s gonna be a perfect fit after I do the cut out…


@moon thank you.

@Rod12579 TB stuff is fine but it’s from America whereas I’m from the UK. Maybe I’ll have to get one from eskating.eu if I can’t find anyone locally.

Cheers, Daniel

The TB one isnt very strong either

Yes they are very strong I have 2 of them maybe the first gen enclosure sucked but their newer ones are very good.

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You can probably ask @Eboosted to cut it out for you on one of his enclosures he has some heatsinks :wink:

I’m including the option of heatsinks on all my enclosures


@Eboosted I’ve already got a heat sink plate. How much for an enclosure with it pre cut? Don’t need any other ports to be cut as I’ve not got those parts yet.

Also, shipped to the UK (south west)?

Cheers, Daniel

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That’s a service :ok_hand:

Depends on the enclosure, which one would you like?

Do you have a website or something? I don’t know which ones you make!


Go to enclosures and you will see the complete list