(UK) 2 USED Bajaboard Panteras For Sale + Spares (UK)

Hi everyone,

I am looking to part ways with 2 Panteras, These are very diy oriented boards and I don’t have time for them, So just sitting there.

I have not long just bought 2 brand new 1.2kwh battery packs for them probably cycled less than 10 times, I have converted 1 of them to accomodate the new bigger pack, but the other 1 is currently dismantled and waiting conversion.

1 of 6374 motors is dead, but just needs dismantling and rewiring.

Spares include,

2 new drive shafts + pins 2 polygon wheel nuts, 8 + motor pulleys 20 + drive belts 20 + spare tyres Complete new set of fixings (bolts, ball n socket joints, grub screws, etc) 4 x nylon rims (spare wheels) A arms, left, right, top and bottom 1 x new pantera grip tape 4+ new charging sockets 2x 5a chargers 2x 10a chargers These boards are fitted with the towing hitch,

1 of them has recently had a new esc so doesn’t display the 1000+ miles it’s done, The other one only done about 700 miles

I have also made some of my own modifications for example,

-The A arms are mounted with metal bushings, which after 200 miles start rattling, I swapped these out for my own custom p66 nylon bushings and done over 1000 miles, and still going strong.

  • inside the drive shaft /cv joint they use cast plastic ends for the drive pins, which they openly declare as consumables, but the panteras are too powerful and destroy these after every other ride, so I experimented a couple of the drive shafts using p66 nylon spacers instead (never had to replace them again) but I havn’t got round to fitting the rest.
  • I have installed external anti spark xt90 connectors in case you want to use a hobby charger to charge up or just want to kill power to the board

Oh and the headlights on the white 1 broke But i’ve installed a 5v rail so different ones can be fitted which I will supply.

I am looking for £4k for both boards and all spares.

I can also deliver 100+ miles from Lincoln for the cost of fuel

Thanks for reading.

Please remember these are Used, so will have wear and tear on them

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Are you willing to ship them?

Whilst i’m willing to make the effort, the cost of shipping is going to be ridiculous, and the survival of the boards in transit is not gaurenteed.

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Willing to sell just the faulty motor?

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Are you willing to just sell one board ?

Regards Stephan

Still available mate?

So how much for one board ?

£20 + shipping