UK barely used Bajaboard G4X 900Wh for sale + extras

Hi everyone,

Listing today on eBay, located nr. Winchester in Hampshire:-

I purchased this from another forum member here a couple of months back and just haven’t found the time to go out and get used to the beast! I did try it out but it’s just too much board for me and I’m happy sticking with my slightly more mundane DIY Trampa :slight_smile:

It’s not even had a full battery cycle - has the upgraded 900Wh battery and (protected) light kit as well as upgraded CV joints. I’m also including a brand new ISDT intelligent discharger (which I bought to protect the battery as I topped up the charge once and didn’t even use the board enough to drain it back to storage voltage!), and a brand new set of Freebord S2 bindings.

Decided I’m going to put the money towards a quad bike to get me and my Trampa out into the sticks :slight_smile:

Some pics (these from original seller, but board still identical condition)…

9657A767-925C-4A28-8DFB-8981CDD253BB A522A262-7FD7-4C12-A62F-D2D2CAF6B3A4 602C347D-947C-4A23-9192-DC58D347974B C4DB6609-12EA-46B6-AD1A-9CFD1139C4AA E56E1664-5840-4DB7-BB12-4A99EC77B387 B1B53B42-D182-44F2-A78E-31A59947A949 5D895C16-A545-4192-80D6-ED151BFA4C79 552FF9D0-DD55-410C-9C1B-595F7362B32A 7EB7297D-26FC-4707-8A6A-EF811C94350D 07380B53-6BA4-467B-A27F-940BB0BB049A FEDCF7D8-85EE-400A-BBA0-12882B083CA9 3C5B08C0-571A-49BC-8141-7102C27A6D98


I called him already and send him an e-mail.

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No longer on eBay. I’m guessing it has a new home?

Maybe the £200 in fees made him take it off

Nope - it was on a £1 max FVF and cash on collection only so all I paid was a quid :wink:

Quite simply, it sold.

Nice, I’ve cancelled ebay orders and delivered in person a couple times :wink:

Hope the new owner enjoys, beast of a board.