[UK] Bestech 12S BMS with 80A Switch - £40

Used but working Bestech BMS for 12s Li-ion cells. Also includes 80A continuous current E-switch. Has original and unused balance cables.

IMG_20190516_083947 IMG_20190516_084030 IMG_20190516_084012 Note: Discoloration on the back is caused by heat from balance resistors.

More info and full specs here: http://www.bestechpower.com/444v12spcmbmspcbforli-ionli-polymerbatterypack/PCM-D223V1.html

£40 + Postage (or colection from wiltshire)

Did you just test it the one time? That’s a fair amount of discoloration

No this is the BMS from my main main board and was used daily for all of last summer.

Im selling it cause im building a new board with the unity (integrated power switch) so have brought a smaller charge only bms.


That’s a sick enclosure. May I ask where you got it?

I Made it, took long time on a cheep <£250 CNC but i guess times not a problem when its doing the work for you. Probably still quicker and stronger than printing it.

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Reduced to 40 squid.

Ill take the JST connector ahaha

Not sure if I want to break this build yet. I guess if someone else wants the other parts I could split it.

FETs anyone? Maybe just a heat sync?

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Haha just kidding really. The JST connector is like the only thing stopping my build

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