[UK/EU] 90mm Red and Black Wheels + Pulleys (soon)

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£25 a set + postage (includes paypal fee) £12.50 if you require 2 wheels

90mm x 52mm 78a 80% rebound red and black wheels. I got the higher rebound wheels, they are a nice ride :slight_smile:

Soon . . . 15mm 36T wheel pulleys and 15T motor pulleys are on route


How much for a set of black wheels shipped to France?

Edit : Would you make a price for 2x wheels? I need to match 2x 90mm hubs.

How much for U.K. shipping, 1 set…

Sweet. Are they maytech?

Yes 2x Wheels is fine. £12.50

Postage will be £7.50 (untracked standard)

Total £20 including fees


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£3 uk shipping :+1:t2:

No, I sourced them to keep the costs down. Maytech are not that cheap imo


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ok I’m in, pm me your paypal…

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:point_up_2:t2: First set sold :clap:t2: Unfortunately the pulleys are a few weeks off :unamused:

I’ll be on my AT’s till you get your delivery…

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Edited listing for people that might want just 2 wheels :+1:t2:


10 char

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Just wondering how these feel vs abec 11? on rougher ground especially.

Whats the weight on these things?

I am building a single belt drive 6s2p and want it under 5 kilos total so weight is a priority :slight_smile:

They are quite nice imo, not quite in the same class as abec’s but better than any other clones I’ve tried. Hopefully some people will be able to offer their opinion after trying them.

I am confident people will be happy with the feel of the wheels and the price too.


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The pulleys that are on the way, allu wheel and steel motor? Hard to gauge from price but they included?

About 1 kg, I will double check when I get home. 5kg? that’s not much weight to go round. I do like the idea of light weight commuters

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Yes alu wheel and steel motor. I haven’t finalised exact price yet. But about £15-£17 for a set (1 motor pulley and 1 wheel pulley) they are a few weeks away still, on a boat somewhere :confused:

That’s a good deal all round. Thank you. How many sets have you got?

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Plenty, I won’t be running out anytime soon. Buying a few helped me keep the costs down. Just need to sell them now :joy: