[UK/EU] 90mm urethane wheels £30

I have some blue 90mm urethane wheels for sale. £30

Uk postage £3.90 Royal Mail signed for

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Just double checking are they flywheel clones?


Pulleys made for flywheels will fit these :+1:t2:

Bump 10 char :slight_smile:

Looking interesting! Just blues, right?

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@MontPierre wheels will be posted in the morning :+1:t2:

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Also wheels are 78a :+1:t2:

Are the core’s all the same diameter on these flywheels? Just more urethane to gain the size difference?

Yes that’s right :+1:t2:

@atenner, thanks for the tip! I just ordered same set but at double the price with 3-5 days shipping from HK. I hope it will get here in this time frame :wink:

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There is a guy in this forum selling the same kit for $40.

Yeah, I’ve had a couple of kits off the forum. I wouldn’t have wanted to wait so long for them. But I will for spares :+1:t2:

Bump, wheels still for sale

£10 shipping fee and have to wait 20 days wait. Thanks but No


I’ve ordered above pulley kit and go an email saying I would have to wait 10 more days as the batch they have is “poor” quality and they are changing supplier. Well I’ll wait, I don’t see any comaparable alternative in UK/EU for this price.

I received the same email saying the batch they have is poor quality. They ask me if i want to wait for the new parts or if i want a refund. I said that i was willing to wait for the new parts and today i received a email saying “our suppliers will not produce this item again. How about we arrange full refund…” :disappointed:

Grrrr! I shall email them and ask if it is also the case with my order… bummer - it was such good deal!

@Ket. It was free postage before :confused: I’ve also had the same email. Too good to be true maybe. I’ve taken the link down. Worth a try.

I just got a reply from my seller and it turns out that their supplier will make this item. Not sure it I got it from someone else than you guys or if my order is lucky or if I’m being played. Seller name is yin.f.

Lol… yeah the supplier is the same! Looks like we are getting the set we order. This is What i received a few hours ago. “So sorry to bother you again. Hope you can ignore the previous mail. We will send item as soon as possible once got more new item.” :+1::+1::+1: @atenner you can put the link up again

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