[UK/EU] **SOLD** - Mountainboard

After buying this MTB, I am hooked and plan to do my own build. So I have this board for sale. Original post -

Comes with 2x 4s 8000mah instead of 6000mah SOLD

I also have 2 wheel pulley sets purchased of this forum (with replaced motor pulleys) NEW AND UNUSED


Motor mount (NEW)


And of course I still have these wheels :slight_smile:




That’s a bargain dude, someone will snap this up quick! GL w/sale

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ILL take the pulleys please still waiting on mine

Pending sale. I’ll get back to you if it doesn’t go through.

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I´m interested in the board with motors and ESCs incl mounting plate. So everything without the batteries and the chaindrive. Shoot me an offer if you wanna do this. I´m from Germany :slight_smile:

I would be interessted in the complete board :slight_smile:

Motor mount, pulleys and remote sold. Just the mountain board left.

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MINE! HAHAHAHAHA :imp: (sorry @DeathCookies but maybe i´ll part out a few things…)

Well i need everything except the Motor Mount with chain. My Belt Motor Mount is anywhere on the way to me. It is okay, you were faster :wink:

Haha okok seems like you´re going the same way :smiley: I´ll try the chain first, but wanna get an beltdrive too i think