UK / EU Trucks Mounts Trucks and err Did anyone say TRUCKS - Yep 220 + SKP / RKP / TKP = Trucks for Street Wanted

Hello Fantastic People with unused Trucks lurking in hidden corners / cupboards / boxes / garages along with perhaps fully adjustable motor mounts + . . . . . .

I would like some Trucks.

I would really like a pair of Trucks.

I would really like to buy a pair of Trucks.

Used / Unused and or even Abused Trucks. RKP / TKP / SKP will be welcome 218 > 270mm BN’s TB’s 3D’s, Hexl’s, SR’s - whatever really - just not DKP’s . . .

I would really like some TRUCKS and I can pay a little

In an ideal world where Satan arrives drinking from a bottle of coke on baby jesus’ birthday and hands over direct to me a voucher for 3dservisas 260mm Hanger on an adjustable baseplate / hammock with forward facing mounts , oh yeah, ok - mini urethane gear drive too . . . .

Until that time - I need TRUCKS. 1st Hand / 2nd Hand etc

Every UK based supplier seems to be out of one thing or another and has done for what seems like a lifetime.


***a set of wide Trucks, adjustable > forward mounts (for 6374s) adjustable baseplates and I will pay money - I could even stretch to ‘possibly’ - virtual interweb money but Paypal could work too . . .

Trucks for Sale ? = Yes Please

Trucks and Mounts 220+ Wide for Sale with low price? I love you

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