Uk Focbox repair avalable?

Hello. I built my friend a Esk8 about 4 months ago using a focbox I had laying around from the last black friday sale. He just gave it back to me saying it was cutting out every now and again. I found I was getting ABS over current errors so I changed some of the settings and raised the max burst current and it went away. last week however He gave it back saying it has the same problem again. I put it onto my bench and now im getting UnderVoltage errors as well as a DVR error. Something is telling me this isnt normal as the battery is brand new (as he killed the last 3 some how) and the DVR is definitely new.

Any tips or is it time to send it in to repair. If it does need repairing. Where can I get it repaired in the Uk/Eu as I kinda dont want to ship it to the Us.


Have you purchased it from Enertion directly?

What are the Setup specs? Can we have the images of the PCB?

Yes certainly. ill just take some now.

Yeah I did purchase it through you directly but silly me thought since Ive had no problems with the 3 others I have purchased I could get away without the warrenty this time :stuck_out_tongue: I was wrong

Ill just take thoes pictures now for you!

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Jacob Contact Enertion support ([email protected]) with your order ID and images of your faulty FOCBOX. Also provide the setup specs and brief history of your issue. Will try to help as much as we can :slight_smile:

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I’ll write that email up straight away.

Here’s the pictures just incase people want to see.

The box has been sat In A custom 3d printed water tight enclosure with vibration absorbing interior to lessen the vibrations

Can vouch for @Martinsp

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Thank you @banjaxxed :slight_smile:

@notepad The best way to go is enertion directly but if that does not work out I can take care of the repair for you. :slight_smile: We are based in Slovakia, central Europe, have a look here if you are interested:



Thanks for the offer. Ill probably hit you up once I get paid

I was able to get a warrenty for the Focbox so I have a new one being shipped. but I still have the faulty one! :smiley: