UK kit sale GIVE AWAY [no longer available]

I would like to sell them in a piece, so PM me if you are interested. Just pay me the post charge and thats it.

6s2p 18650 with bms and charger (parallel cable included) 1:8 model car vesc (fan removed but still here)(programmer will be provided) 200kv 1:3 drive + wheel combo (2 belts included)(riser not included)

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I would be interested just in the motor, motor mount and motor pulley :slight_smile:

Hi I would be intersted by the esc with the fan :grinning:

Sorry guys I should mark it down earlier I would like to sell them in a piece

PM me if interested

PM me if are interested

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PM :slight_smile: 10 and more char…

Hello , do you still sell the whole kit? And if yes, whats your price?

I’ll take it if it’s available!

Im sorry its not available.