[UK] Landyachtz Decks, Diyeboard crap, Loaded vanguard

Hey all, I’m selling a few bits. Likely actually going to keep one of the LY decks if one of the others sell, but im willing to sell either of them.

Landyachtz Switch 40 Red fox (No holes, scrapes on bottom but not visible with an enclosure on) Asking £110 20190314_113720 20190314_113728

Landyachtz Maple Ripper (Near new condition. No holes or scrapes, shows signs of having trucks mounted to it only) Asking £50 20190314_113815

Landyachtz Evo Skate & Explore (Swiss cheesed with diyeboard stuff. Deck bottom isnt scraped but top had damage to grip tape and nose/tail - Could be restored to a point with wood filler?) Asking £90. https://imgur.com/a/2upzr1s - Sorry for the album

Diyeboard 10S5P Battery w/ scraped up enclosure SOLD

Loaded vanguard - Swiss cheesed with diyeboard/meepo holes. Asking £90 https://i.imgur.com/LRPrO7n.jpg (Best picture i have right now, sorry its crap)

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I want the switchblade deck so bad but shipping ruines it

Yea, you can pick a new one up without import tax too and that’s been accounted for in my price. The red is pretty sexy though :wink:

Interested in a ‘skate and explore’ evo?

It’s just laying in my dorm room 🤷

The evo just doesn’t do it for me, I can’t stand anything with a taper

But the switch, :ok_hand::ok_hand:

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How much would it cost to ship the vanguard to the US?

Bump 10char

Do you have a top picture of the switch and how much is shipping to Netherlands for the evo skate explore?


Shipping to the eu is probably about 10 to 15 euro.

hmmm neglected to mention the cut off XT60 and that the enclosure was cracked completely and held together with bits of tape - hole in the front with black tape over it, I’m calling BS on the ‘scraped up description’ and no it was already like that before shipping or no tape would have been in place





@mmaner any chance of a lock on this thread?


Oh damn bro…Feelsbad


e: not picking a side, just simply saying that these enclosures are horribly brittle and are easily warped by low amounts of heat. They might need to be wrapped more extensively than most

I’ve destroyed my share of these, warped is fine, when an "enclosure’ is split I would say it no longer becomes an enclosure lol it’s more of a ‘partial’ battery plastic wrap heheh

‘broken enclosure held together with tape’ is accurate and that’s what PayPal will be told I had a funny feeling this one and didn’t F&F on purpose :joy:


More importantly I now have 2 x 10s5p and not one good enc to hold them, good excuse to some surgery and make a flat 10s10p? Any other suggestions welcomed hehe

Mixing old and new cells?

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I wouldn’t mess with mixing those 22p cells

Not worth it

if they are both behind (non bypassed) BMS safe enough ?

The hole on the front was there for months, i suppose i forgot to mention it but the casing can easily be used with it there. The xt 60 connector was completely stuck on and i was forced to cut it, but its of practically no value. The split was not there before and has happened during shipping. Please take more detailed photos of it.

The enclosure wasnt really considered in the price. The battery was already at like 40% cost.

Make a swappable system with a custom enclosure

sorry you seem confused , when you offer a ‘battery and enclosure’ then obviously the price includes BOTH WTF

I recommend no one buy stuff from this clown :joy: