[UK] New LG HG2 - Better & Cheaper then 30Qs

Perhaps that’s unfair.

They are significantly less desirable. Are they authentic? Should we just take your word for it? You’ve always been so balanced and open minded, maybe we should.

Alright, well assuming they are authentic (I dont actually know, I don’t mind tearing down a cell to check if anyone knows how to authenticate them. Given their source is a UK vape shop I’d assume they’re legit though)

As for the price, fine, I’ll lower the HG2 to £2.50 Each. Find me a vendor selling cheaper and ill lower it again, but i doubt one exists. Ill sell the other cells to vapers.

Last bump before I buy NESE packs and mess about with these in those.

How much will it cost for postal to Ireland?, planning to take 30 pcs