UK Parts for sale: various stuff - hub motors, wheels, deck & enclosure, bms + more:

Got a selection of new and used parts building up not getting used. If anyone wants anything let me know, buyer to pay shipping cost.

2 x torque boards vesc’s, not seen a lot of use were bought and used when waiting for my enertion cyber Monday foc’s. I installed akmaniac firmware to use a Bluetooth module £13015354060148611150645670

Purple kegels 80mm used wheels still plenty life the rear wheels have worn bit more than fronts see pics £251535406311408345114374

12mm 36t mbs 100mm wheel pulley from still new never used £10, 1534537480046410485314

supower 150a 10s bms good quality used in good working condition £3015345377954752083655577

Globe geminion 37" double kick deck and psychotiller coupe enclosure 12"x6", I used this as single drive with 10s3p battery enclosure has battery meter and charge port with hole for on/off switch also £50 1534538824021973944332 15345388775641749825536 1534597280254594782992

Got some 330 belts I dont need now free with any purchase.


Some pictures are messed up

Whats the size of the Bestech 10s bud, might have that off ya. How does the switch work on it. Do I need an antispark or anything. Can you show me a few pics of it out the packaging

Whatsapp me if you need. 07478676225

Yea I wouldnt put my number on the i ternet, neither should you

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a few more items added

I’ll take it all but can I pay in chocolate buttons :grimacing:


Couple more additions, bump

@northeast didn’t have enough buttons

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Are the wheel pulleys for the kegel wheels?

Na soz just got 1 pulley left now, is for the mbs all terrain 100mm wheels

Ok no worries. Could take the kegels but they would need to be a fair bit cheaper than that. Won’t insult you with an offer that is lower than you want so I will leave you to try and sell and if you can’t shout me back with a better price

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Still few things left, bump

hi, im interested in the onan x2 if its still available - slightly confused on whats on offer though. are the parts working? what will i have to purchase additionally in order to get it working as a booster on a deck.

Yeah its just the motors and the case, you would need a battery and esc to get running

Also the esc only lasted a week i would not advise trying to get an onan one, just use two vesc’s

Yo hit me a message if the x2 drive is not taken, I’m interested in rear trucks + tb baseplate and front truck, won’t take the battery case :wink:

Would you let them go tor 50£ +shipping to France? Or just the rear truck with tb baseplate for say 35-40£ +shipping?

I wanna do a stealth build with them! :beers: Got spare parts to complete it and couple VESCs ready to roll.

Few things left, bump

What’s left? sorry

Everything in 1st post is available I have deleted all thats been sold so far

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Ill take the x2 motors and front truck, is it still £50? And can you deliver in the UK? Thanks