Uk/west Europe esk8 supply's

Ok have been thinking about this a lot and how many people would actually be interested in esk8 parts supplied from the uk. Mainly looking as batteries and motor mounts.

So I would be looking at custom built batteries in verining configurations. With or without bms and with bms but bypass on discharging if need cheaper options. Battery would probably be hg2 3000mah and would hope to get a good price of bulk brought to help cost of the packs down as well.

Then I’m currently refining my motor mount and contemplating getting some made on a cnc machine and see how they sell. Depending on how this would sell I could then contemplate expanding and maybe producing some prebuilt boards. What would people in Europe and the U.K. think to this.

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There has got to be a market. Might not be huge but if the apparent success of enertion is anything to go by? Imported wheels, drive and motor pulleys plus perhaps a batch of cheaper pattern wheels would sell well I’m sure.

Agreed, we need a supplier of good parts that we don’t have to import. Motor mounts and VESC’s are the first thing that I would like to be able to get. Motors and custom batteries after that. Compatible wheels would definitely be a good thing as it is damn near impossible to get wheels that aren’t Orangatan’s or Abec 11’s (and even those are hard to come by) so a supplier of blank pulley compatible wheels would be awesome.

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Custom Batteries, VESC, Motor Mounts, Hub-Motors would be nice for Europe


There is the EU eSk8 Market

If you want to start a small business it is a great tool / website to jump start. Let me know if you have any questions.

What’s the main issues for not buying from USA or Australia? Just wondering.

I assume, Import Tax?

Besides import taxes, customs paperwork, and shipping cost. I don’t thinking anyone thinks about being as close to origin of product when shopping because if you are in the same country the product was made returns are nearly painless. Shipping between US and Australia is around two to three weeks, including time in customs. Could be more. The same thing from US to Europe. I had to ship a BMS to Lithuania for repair and sat in customs for nearly three weeks. I do have to thank the seller for help. I will be getting repaired item back a week or two from now.

This topic can be more complex because in recent news Hanjin files for bankruptcy protection in the United States, but is essentially bankrupt in South Korea. They are the company ferrying containers to different ports around the world. Ports are seizing them fearing they won’t be paid for the containers. Around 3 months ago Brexit happened. Everyone trying to see what this means for trade/tariffs with most hopping Britain keeps following EU rules on trade. Holiday shopping season is going to be interesting this year.

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I’ve bought from abroad having different results. The last time I paid 310 dollars for something and ended up paying nearly another 80 pounds in various taxes and charges. So it’s a bit of a no no now for me.

for example. bought something from china for about 300€ - took 3 weeks shipping and taxes and fees about 100€ on top. so thats really a P.I.T.A

Ok so there is some interest. Was mainly looking at batteries and motor mounts as it bits I can make my self. Will have a look at costing over next week or so and see what I can come up with.

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would also be nice to have a few battery/esc case options here in eu! or like the space cell - a battery with case and a bit space for things like vesc and receiver.

Yea that’s something els I could vacuum form so could be an option.

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I would be interested by custom packs for sure. We also need other parts of course, such as motor mounts, however, I find elckick’s VESC ( perfect.

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Motor mounts from Alien are good :slight_smile:

Yea they are good just don’t seem to have much stock

@2-alex-2 Definitely get onto making motor mounts - I definitely don’t have the resources to make my own and im sure a lot of others don’t! Supply seems to be quite scarce so the more suppliers the better, i’m sure it’d be worth your time making some anyway.

Don’t know about other things but anything that we’re low on in the UK a lot of people would appreciate for sure :slight_smile:

hmu with motor mounts :wink:

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