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This is a duplicate post of my one on the other forum.

It is with a heavy heart that I’ve come to the decision to sell my esk8. This was over 2 years of building, which was hugely enjoyable and rewarding. My build was from scratch, using research from the esk8 forums, with a lot of help from the people here. The community is definitely alive!

I’m selling because… I had a serious knee injury so have to pick my sports wisely, and skateboarding jeopardises the others I partake in; I’ve bought a house with my fiancé so time, money and storage are taken up with renovating that; and the fiancé was previously a girlfriend who I am now planning a wedding with. Legit reasons, I hope!

I’m based in SW London. Delivery in the UK is probably possible, but postage fees will have to be on top of the sale price.

Here goes…

épok - loaded poke, 10s3p 30Q, Caliber 2, HK SK8 ESC, SK8 6364

My DIY esk8. Build thread available here: éPok | Loaded Poke | Caliber II 50 | HK sk8 6364 190kv | 10s3p 30Q | HK sk8 ESC

Parts list and approx original price:

  • Loaded Poke (£130)
  • Caliber 50° trucks (£60)
  • Orangatang kegels (£50)
  • BKB kegel pulley (£50)
  • SK8 ESC (£60)
  • SK8 6364 190kv (£74)
  • 10s3p Samsung 30Q / Supower BMS (charge & discharge) (£140)
  • Winning V2 remote (£30)
  • 40A 2 MOSFET Antispark switch from eLDoska (.builders forum) (£35)
  • Other bits - 1/2 inch riser on the front, riptide e riser on the back, riptide krank barrels (87a/90a), Bones red bearings, fibreglass enclosure with threaded inserts and blue cupped washers, neoprene lining and gasket on the enclosure, HK SK8 motor mount with cover and belt.
  • 2.5A charger

I can sell this complete, if someone is looking for a runaround fun board. It is not a high speed beast and that was never what I had in mind. Or if anyone wants individual parts just ask!

Complete board photos

£550 (The sum of the parts x 80%) All parts are in great condition. Battery has seen maximum 5 cycles and has never been fully discharged.

Other parts

Dickyho motor mount with idler and cover - £10
Unused. Can’t remember what I bought this for…

Wires etc - £10 the lot, seems about right?!

  • 8x XT30
  • 4x XT90
  • 1m red 12AWG
  • 0.82m red 10AWG
  • 1m & 0.54m black 12AWG
  • 0.27m black 10AWG
  • 7x banana connectors
  • 0.9m length of 0.15mm pure nickel (from Alco)
  • About the same of nickel plated braided copper
  • 20 fishpaper 18650 rings
  • Some heat shrink - black and clear, about 200mm across
  • Adhesive fishpaper off cuts (but still useful sizes)
  • HM10 bluetooth module (can these be used anymore?!)

Hobbyking Drivetrain stuff - £10 2x motor mounts Wheel pulley (I think it would fit an ABEC or clone)

Postage to be added - I’m in London as mentioned, so collection/delivery/meet/postage can be arranged. Any questions, please ask!

Misc parts photos

Most parts now sold - battery, ESC, wheel pulley, motor, remote, switch and charger.

A fair few parts sold to @fifty2 who I am afraid to say, ripped me off. I foolishly trusted him with a 50% initial payment and 50% on delivery, he confirmed delivery then ghosted. Just a warning in case he approaches anyone else to buy parts.

Spot welder and misc bits still kicking around.

What a tool bag! That’s one thing I have loved about the forum family. Everyone is super cool and trusting. Maybe something happened and he will come through. Fucker. . . :call_me_hand:

Hobbyking Drivetrain stuff available or sold ?

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September 2020, most likely gone.

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Are you looking for a setup?