Ultimate GT2B mod - BadWolf + glow + Bluetooth VESC telemetry

that’s really impressive! i wanted to do something like that, do you will share some step by step guide? or are you planning to sell it?

Are you using an Arduino Nano, connected to the GT2B battery ?

Did you have to increase the remote size to put the arduino inside ?

I’m thinking about doing something similar but complete bt control via raspberry pi zero and an oled display.

Hello, Did you have to modify the remote case ? Is there any space to add an arduino, a HC-05 module and the screen ? Can you post a picture of the remote internals please ?

Do you plan to do something with it ? Give it to the community ? or sell it ? Really looking forward to copy your remote. it’s amazing work

Actualy not everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

Any plans on selling these to the community ?

Oh yes asolutely !! also interested in such a thing, but not smart enough to build it by myself ;-(

if, i’ll take one