Ultimate GT2B mod - BadWolf + glow + Bluetooth VESC telemetry

There is nothing big to say, just photos… Everyone knows how to do that, so - it works :slight_smile:


This… is… epic!

How did you use bluetooth like that?

And do you have any reading materials about this stuff, and how to get data from the vesc for this?

I looked over the code of the vesc, but I don’t even know where to begin to add code to this. My thought process would be to create a TelemetryData class, but I don’t know where in the stack of vesc code to initialize it. What data should I pass to it? I really want to learn more about extending the vesc code to do more, and I’ve read through the uart application article that ben wrote, but other than the bit on his website, I don’t know where to really start.

Well, what did Display is it and from where do you get the data?

There is no single modification to VESC code - everything is “outside” stuff. Just pick UART mode in BLDC tool and you are ready to read UART port. Im using https://github.com/RollingGecko/VescUartControl library. There is 2 arduinos - one near VESC - gets UART data and streams over HC-05 bluetooth module. Another - in remote - gets data and displays on OLED 0.96 screen.

There is no VESC control signal going over Bluetooth - GT2B is left stand alone for best signal.


How do you test your code? There’s no simulator, is there? Couldn’t a mistake fry the vesc?

Test it with arduino serial monitor. There only read VESC - no power, no fancy connections - no danger.

That is beautiful -nice work

You should do a “How to” guide for this. It is going to be really popular.


I know your solution to getting telemetry data is to use the ardino for the bluetooth proccessing, but is that necessary for a wired connection? My goal is to create an object that people can put into the firmware which is a uart app, and wire the screen directly to the uart port, creating something that can be plug and play for the community.

Hi, How can i contact you ? I saw your topic on the VESC in Lithuania, did you get them ? :slight_smile: Have any spares?

Hi, i got then and sorry, dont have any spare…

Well, it might sound silly, but i can’t figure out how to pm you :smiley: Maybe its because of my entry level account in this forum ?

Click on the username of the person, and then click on “message”.

Now its available, But first you have to get GRAND BASIC badge. Thanks !

@NerijusM Hi great work. Looks awesome. Few questions though

  • did you test the bluetooth connecttion? Any dropout during the ride?
  • let say it did dropout or lost connecttion, does the board still run? Or does it reconnect automatically ?

Really appriciate that you would make a know-how doc for this.

BT is only for telemetry data. Board controler is GT-2B 2.4ghz. I use both in one case.

this is too kick ass. I need a tutorial.

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This is amazing. Would love a guide or an overview! :grin:

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@NerijusM 2 types of connection its kinda redundant dont you think? Why dont you do it with just one ? Beside it costs a bit more.

THIS IS AWESOME! great work! Love the relibility on the GT2B for control, this completes it. Would you be willing to share the source code for both the sketches?